Bad Bearth

Interview: Bad Bearth

Bad Bearth is here to challenge everything you think you know about hip-hop music. The New Jersey-based group released their first EP, Elephant in the Womb, earlier this year and it’s something everyone needs to experience. It’s experimental. It’s weird. It’s mind-blowing. But describing Elephant in the Womb as hip-hop …
Nicholas Rowe

Interview: Nicholas Rowe

Indie folk artist Nicholas Rowe is holding nothing back in his new EP, Everything Has Beauty, which was released back in March. With his new release, Rowe challenges us to re-think what it means to fight through our weaknesses. “The first thing you really need to know about me is …

Interview: Big Brutus

“You’re the first person I’ve talked to in days,” said Sean Bryant. The Atlanta-based musician, better known as Big Brutus, is biking along the East Coast from Boca Raton all the way to Manhattan. Alone. I could hear the fatigue in his voice, masked by a genuine enthusiasm to share …
February 2017, New Music

Listen: LANNDS, “Young Years”

Photo by Josh Wessolowski Jacksonville’s upcoming powerhouse, LANNDS, just released her newest track. “Young Years” is in defense of millennials. It’s a hopeful and resistant track that calms in tumultuous times. “We will not conform/we will not be controlled,” she sings softly, but with a defiance that you can feel. …

Interview: Jordan Esker and the Hundred Percent

Jordan Esker and the Hundred Percent, four musicians based in Tampa, have released their second single, “Common Indecency,” proving that no genre is beyond their musical prowess. It’s the slower, more contemplative follow-up to “Taking An Office Day,” the soulful anthem they released last November. “It’s like a soft ballad …

Interview: Little Monarch

Little Monarch’s sun-soaked funk pop is perfectly fitting for a band hailing from Los Angeles. The indie pop band has been churning out indie pop hit after hit since they premiered their eponymous EP on All Things Go back in October. Their song “No Matter What” has been featured on …

Interview: Sea Cycles

Photos courtesy of Brian Squillace. Brian Squillace led me down a dimly-lit hallway, rounded a corner and climbed up a creaky set of dark wood stairs. There was a Burrito Gallery menu on a step. He glided through a small walkway through a big room full of well, stuff. It …
Strangerwolf, photo by Jesse Brantman

Interview: Strangerwolf

I put my past in a sheetrock wall. Rick and Ryan Kennedy, the Murray Hill natives behind Strangerwolf, met with me on a particularly rainy Tuesday evening at Brew Five Points. Despite the difficulty of meeting during inclement weather, they were good sports. They each grabbed a cold draft, pulled …

Interview: LANNDS

Photographer: Josh Wessolowski LANNDS sat in front of us in the back of Deep Search with a small smile lighting up her face. She fidgeted and looked down at the wood floor. She immediately thanked us for wanting to talk to her. Her humility radiated from her nervous demeanor. She …
sylvan esso, radio
New Music

ISM Friday Five: Aug. 26 – Sept. 2

1. “Timeless” – James Blake, Vince Staples Why it rocks: James Blake first released “Timeless” back in May but rapper Vince Staples brings a new, compulsive tension to the moody song. 2. “Radio” – Sylvan Esso Why it rocks: Amelia Meath’s cool vocals make “Radio” is an electrifying synth pop …