Wild Belle image by Jennifer Tzar
April 2016, New Music

Listen: Wild Belle, “Dreamland”

Sibling duo Elliot and Natalie Bergman, otherwise known as Wild Belle, have released the deliciously sensual “Dreamland,” their title track. It’s an excellent follow-up from their first release, “Throw Down Your Guns.”  It’s addictive for many reasons, one of the biggest being Natalie’s soulful, raspy voice. “Dreamland” gives a more …
Album Artwork for Frankie Cosmos, Next Thing
April 2016, New Music

Listen: Frankie Cosmos, “Fool”

The gloomy weather in Jacksonville has me listening to moody indie beats and “Fool” by Frankie Cosmos fits perfectly. Frankie Cosmos is the beautiful product of creative genius Greta Kline. Frankie Cosmos proves that simplicity is the key for an awesome grunge song. Her lyrics are raw, vulnerable, and to …
Highs, Via Last.FM
April 2016, New Music

Listen: HIGHS, “I Do, Do You?”

Every once in a while you’re lucky enough to find a new track you can’t stop repeating. I’ve been immersed in HIGHS all day today and their newest album, Dazzle Camoflauge, is my current infatuation. Their opening track, “I Do, Do You?,” is a soft alt-rock song that effortlessly welcomes …
Com Truise, "Silicon Tare"
New Music

Listen: Com Truise, “Silicon Tare”

Fuel your weekend adventures with “Silicon Tare,” a synthesized, hard-hitting beat from Com Truise. And yes, I did spell his name right. There’s no words in this song, but they’re not needed. My head immediately started bobbing as soon as it began. Show your friends this song and immediately feel …