Album Review: Lewis Del Mar “EP”

The alternative rock world is a far better place now that Lewis Del Mar (Danny Miller and Max Harwood) exists. The Rockaway Beach duo released their new EP this month. With only four songs, Lewis Del Mar has humbly made a grand entrance.

Their music is very reminiscent of Alt-J, playing with multiple textures within a single track but remaining steadfast as an alternative rock production. Unlike Alt-J, Lewis Del Mar relies heavily on an experimental mix of Latin-American drums, acoustic guitars, media samples, and heavy hitting bass.

“Loud(y)” was the first release from Lewis Del Mar’s EP, and made it to our Best of 2015 playlist. It rose to #1 on Hype Machine and got a spin from Beats 1. “We didn’t push for it to be there; people just wanted to play it,” they told Noisey. They even got a shout-out from the New York Times, but still, until now, no one knew who these guys were.

Both Miller and Harwood gave up the grit of city life and moved to Rockaway Beach, were all four songs were written. In an interview with Billboard, the duo explained that their urban past and their present bungalow solitude are expressed in their work. “When we came out to Rockaway,” Harwood explained, “We were on the beach but the subway and the grit of the city was right there. It’s like the natural world meeting the industrial world, and it kind of embodied what we were going for sonically.

Get to know Lewis Del Mar with our playlist featuring their new four tracks. Be cautioned that listening to their EP will make you feel like a badass. You’ve been warned.

Lewis Del Mar Tracklist:

01. Loud(y)
02. Wave(s)
03. Malt Liquor
04. Memories