Listen: Bishop, “River”

I’ll never forget hearing Bishop’s”River” for the first time. Bishop’s voice is pure electricity and I was immediately enthralled by her raw and soulful anthem.

“River” has multiple, awesome elements. It opens with an acoustic stomp-clap beat with Bishop’s crooning vocals cutting in and out in an electronic style. The soulful chorus showcases showcases Bishop’s powerful voice, which echoes throughout the entirety of the song. Creating a soulful track with hints of electronic trap is difficult, but Bishop has mastered it well.

“I feel like this song has multiple personalities: strong, weak, torn, controlling, submissive,” she explained to FADER magazine.”They are all a part of me and constantly changing. I think people will feel that.”

With barely over 2,000 followers on Soundcloud, Bishop is a hidden gem, at least for now. Her other song, “Wild Horses” is really awesome, and more trap-centric as “River” is soulful. I wish there were more songs on her profile because Bishop will be on a continuous loop for me in the coming week.