Highs, Via Last.FM
April 2016, New Music

Listen: HIGHS, “I Do, Do You?”

Every once in a while you’re lucky enough to find a new track you can’t stop repeating. I’ve been immersed in HIGHS all day today and their newest album, Dazzle Camoflauge, is my current infatuation. Their opening track, “I Do, Do You?,” is a soft alt-rock song that effortlessly welcomes …
Com Truise, "Silicon Tare"
New Music

Listen: Com Truise, “Silicon Tare”

Fuel your weekend adventures with “Silicon Tare,” a synthesized, hard-hitting beat from Com Truise. And yes, I did spell his name right. There’s no words in this song, but they’re not needed. My head immediately started bobbing as soon as it began. Show your friends this song and immediately feel …
March 2016, New Music

Listen: The Lumineers, “Cleopatra”

Feel like dancing? Listen to The Lumineers’ title track of their new album, Cleopatra. “Cleopatra” sounds very similiar to the previously released track, “Ophelia,” with the use of piano and fast paced drums. It makes you think about the value of life, especially with the line, “But I was late for …
Haelos, Full Curcle
March 2016, New Music

Listen: HÆLOS, “Dust”

Picking one song off of HÆLOS’ new ablum, Full Circle, was surprisingly difficult, but “Dust” immediately caught my attention. I love this song because different elements reminded me of Oh Wonder’s simplistic funk-pop and The xx’s distant, contemplative vocals. HÆLOS is a three-peice group hailing from London. They’ve been considered …
Whitney No Woman
February 2016, New Music

Listen: Whitney, “No Woman”

Whitney’s “No Woman” is an achingly beautiful ballad from Chicago folk rockers Max Kakacek and Julian Ehrlich. The song is about how heartbreak can drive us to do crazy things, like crossing city limits and leaving everything behind. Whitney’s No Woman embodies a theme of wandering without a destination, only …