Joel Tyler

Joel Tyler is a relatively unknown acoustic musician who is partnering with CCB Studios to release his first EP, Arms are Meant for Holding, set to release in May.

Tyler has one of the most unique sounds I’ve ever heard. I found him on Burro Bar’s acoustic show lineup and decided to give a listen to his Bandcamp. I first noticed his uniqueness–one of his songs is called “Dino Hunter,” and is actually about hunting dinosaurs. The single makes use of synth pop, acoustic guitar and Tyler’s unique, high voice.

“It’s one of the goofier songs I’ve written,” he said.

His other songs, “As of Late” and “Miss Oxygen” are more emotional and reminiscient of a teen-angst era.

Whenever he plays his songs, he goes back to that moment, to the place he was in and the things he was feeling when he wrote it. But after a while, in order to keep the creative juices flowing, he throws his old songs away and starts fresh, he said.

He got his start in music from his musical family. He played percussion in band in high school, then guitar in his church’s choir. He was really inspired by his uncle, who was in a band called Punch Fence Gang.

Tyler was asked to play Burro Bar’s acoustic show, and it’s only the third show he’s ever played. On stage, it was just him and his guitar. His style at the show was completely different than his Bandcamp music, but still obviously his. There were no effects, but his voice is what made him stand out. According to his Bandcamp bio, it’s “angelic,” which makes sense because it’s high for a man’s voice, but still beautiful. He compares himself to This Wild Life, Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon.

During the show, his songs were about life, love and his past. He wants to show people that he’s in music because he loves it.

“I want people to feel what I’m feeling. I want people to feel like I’m in it 100 percent, because I am,” he said.

Tyler is from Orlando, Florida. His show at Burro Bar was his first time playing in Jacksonville.