Listen: The Head and the Heart, “All We Ever Knew”

At long last, THATH has delivered. As unashamedly biased towards the Seattle-based band as we are, there’s no way we could let a new single slip through the internet cracks. “All We Ever Knew” fills our hearts with joy because after three long years, our boys (and girl) are back.

The single is definitely different than THATH’s earlier work. The lyrics start immediately, while in their earlier songs, there’s a bit of delay between the beginning of the music and the singing. The music itself is fast and happy, especially with the bands typical harmonization of all of their voices. Charity’s violin makes a soulful appearance mid-song. The whole song has a very summery feel, whereas earlier albums feel like winter and autumn.

What is most interesting about the song is its quick tempo contradicts the lyrics. The lyrics seems to tell the story of something ending, something that was all they ever knew. The beat makes you feel hopeful and happy, but a close listen makes you wonder what is ending. It seems to be a relationship because of the lines, “Well, well my love, we’ve been here before, don’t drag me through this again/We tried everything under the sun, now I’m trying to wake up from this.” It makes you think of the story behind earlier songs like “Gone” and “Sounds Like Hallelujah,” both on their self-titled first album.

Signs of Light is set to release on Sept. 9. We’re desperately hoping there’s a tour coming soon. THATH, we love you, and readers, we hope you do too.