Listen: Krrum, “Evil Twin”

Krrum’s infectious new song “Evil Twin” should be on everyone’s radar. With humble beginnings as a butcher, the 20 year old producer hails from England and it’s evident that he has raw talent. Intent on pursuing music, Krrum immersed himself in influences from early Gorillaz, Justin Vernon and Jai Paul, according to Indie Music Filter.

In “Evil Twin,” Krrum experiments by pairing a quirky beat with  soulful and reflective lyrics. Amid the cartoonish brass horns and infectious loop, Krrum’s vocals are confident and smooth.The distorted vocals in the background add even more whimsy to the song’s playfulness. Meanwhile, the dark and introspective lyrics tell of the internal struggle with one’s ugly qualities, personified as an evil twin.

Being a fan of Indie Music Filter, I found this song on their best of January 2016 playlist. While the song was technically released at the end of last month, “Evil Twin” deserves a highlight as one of our February favorites.

His debut album will be released in March 2016 and I am impatiently waiting for more.

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  1. Totally agree it’s going to be a hit. I’ve got it on repeat all week. Any idea what exactly the distorted vocal is saying?

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