Listen: Lucy Peach, “Be so Good”

Australian artist Lucy Peach is one to watch out for. Her single “Be so Good” was released back in 2015, but was recently featured on my Spotify Discover Weekly. I had to stop what I was doing to listen.

While Lucy’s folksy voice takes you to a wildflower field in your mind, the twang of the guitar pulls your feet across the floor. Her songwriting pulls at your heart strings as she sings about being good to a lover, and asking if that lover will do the same.

The lover is Richard Berney, the cameraman who filmed the music video for the song during the first two years of their relationship. Apparently Lucy would sing the song to him whenever they were traveling across Australia and New Zealand.

The style of the song is reminiscent of First Aid Kit┬ábut still stands on it’s own. Lucy was scheduled to release an EP in the summer of 2015, but it didn’t make it out. Here’s hoping she’ll release more good, dancing-by-the-fire tunes soon.