Listen: Murals, “Long Bridge”

It’s a rainy day in Jacksonville. Murals’ new single, “Long Bridge,” will help you get through it.

The track is reminiscent of ’70s singer-songwriter tunes. It calls to mind The Moody Blues with its’ slow guitar and fuzzy, echoing voices. It’s simultaneously new and old psychedelic folk. You can slow dance to it, or you can curl up and read a good book. Either way, it’s peaceful. It makes you feel.

“Long Bridge” is Murals’ second teaser for their new album, Violet City Lantern, set to release on Feb. 19. The album is coming after a three year hiatus. The Kentucky group is headed to the upper East Coast in March with Idiot Glee. Murals, if you came to Florida, we would be forever grateful.

Until then, we’ll anxiously await your new album (and you should, too).