Listen: Whitney, “No Woman”

Whitney’s “No Woman” is an achingly beautiful ballad from Chicago folk rockers Max Kakacek and Julian Ehrlich. The song is about how heartbreak can drive us to do crazy things, like crossing city limits and leaving everything behind.

Whitney’s No Woman embodies a theme of wandering without a destination, only knowing that you are moving to greener pastures. It’s a quiet, contemplative breakup anthem, though not entirely dismal. The layers of strummed guitars, brass horns, plucked bass and falsetto vocals make the song a sephia-toned polaroid from another decade.

The music video features brotherly bonding in the wake of one man’s bad breakup. A couple guys retreat into the woods with their guitars, PBR, and small axes. They play music, explore the wilderness, light fires, and bask in united camaraderie.