Whitney No Woman
February 2016, New Music

Listen: Whitney, “No Woman”

Whitney’s “No Woman” is an achingly beautiful ballad from Chicago folk rockers Max Kakacek and Julian Ehrlich. The song is about how heartbreak can drive us to do crazy things, like crossing city limits and leaving everything behind. Whitney’s No Woman embodies a theme of wandering without a destination, only …
February 2016, New Music

Listen: The Lumineers, “Ophelia”

The Lumineers just came out of their four year long hiatus. Their new single “Ophelia” is exactly the sound we came to love from the folk rock band back in 2012 with the release of their self-titled debut album. “Ophelia” is an impassioned ballad about love and past relationships that …
Bishop, River
February 2016, New Music

Listen: Bishop, “River”

I’ll never forget hearing Bishop’s”River” for the first time. Bishop’s voice is pure electricity and I was immediately enthralled by her raw and soulful anthem. “River” has multiple, awesome elements. It opens with an acoustic stomp-clap beat with Bishop’s crooning vocals cutting in and out in an electronic style. The …
January 2016, New Music

Listen: Murals, “Long Bridge”

It’s a rainy day in Jacksonville. Murals’ new single, “Long Bridge,” will help you get through it. The track is reminiscent of ’70s singer-songwriter tunes. It calls to mind The Moody Blues with its’ slow guitar and fuzzy, echoing voices. It’s simultaneously new and old psychedelic folk. You can slow dance to …
January 2016, New Music

Listen: The Arcs, “Lake Superior”

The Arcs is Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach’s beautiful side project, and they just released their new single, “Lake Superior.” According to Stereogum, the song is inspired by the tv show Making a Murderer. “Lake Superior” has a Tame Impala-esque sound, relying more on a synthesizer than their earlier work. I’m constantly …