PERFORMANCES: Goldfish at Suwannee Hulaween

There is a lie I once believed about music festivals that the best artists never play on small stages. Goldfish is one of those bands that proved me way wrong.

Before going into Hulaween, I had never heard of Goldfish. To be honest, it’s a miracle that we didn’t skip over their set. They were scheduled to play at the Spirit Lake Stage which was one of Hula’s smallest. They were also scheduled in between the String Cheese Incident’s famous Halloween Ghoul Train set and ODESZA’s heavily-anticipated performance. Goldfish had a lot against them, but being right in the middle of the hype surrounding Night 2 miraculously worked to their advantage.

They’re finally introduced on stage and two young lads all the way from Cape Town, South Africa begin their incredible set. Their heart-thumping beats, paired with Dominic Peters’ live saxophone solo sent electricity immediately through the crowd and we joined one of the best impromptu dance parties at Hulaween. At this point, I think to myself, man, it’s pretty cool that these DJs are playing real instruments with sheer talent. Then, a couple songs into the set, Dominic Peters gets up and starts slaying the piano. It can’t get much better than this, I think to myself. Last, David Poole whips out his flute and makes it his bitch.

When artists are this good, it’s almost second nature for me to recommend their music on Spotify. But after listening to each song on their albums, all I can think is that none of them do the duo any justice. They are THAT good live. I would watch them again in a heartbeat.